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On The Premises is an on-line fiction magazine founded in 2006 by Tarl Kudrick and Bethany Granger. We publish issues in HTML and PDF formats (and maybe someday, ebook formats).

Stories published in On The Premises are winning entries in short story contests launched each December and June. Each contest challenges writers to produce a great story based on a broad premise that we supply. Winning stories are published in individual magazine issues each April and October.

We also hold “mini-contests” four times a year, in April, May, October, and November. Winning mini-contest entries are published on our web site’s mini-contest pages.

We have published authors who live on five different continents–all we’re missing is South America and Antartica. All our stories are written in English.

Our Purpose

On The Premises wants to promote newer and/or relatively unknown writers who can write what we feel are creative, compelling stories told in effective, uncluttered, and evocative prose. Our contests have no entry fees. Winners receive cash prizes and publication.

Prize Money

Short Story Contests Mini-Contests
First Place US $220 US $25
Second Place US $160 US $15
Third Place US $120 US $10
Honorable Mention US $60 Publication (no money)

We Will Critique Stories That Don’t Win

See here for more information. We will not critique mini-contest entries; they’re too short for a critique to be useful.

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We have an old blog about writing and editing, and you can visit us on Facebook too.