Getting Critiqued

Get Your Entry Critiqued!

Stories that make the final round of judging, and do not get published, get critiqued for free if the author would like that. However, we’ll critique any contest entry for US$15.

We are redesigning our critiques based on feedback from writers and our now 12+ years of experience writing them. We think we can deliver equally valuable or superior information in less than three pages, for one thing.

How It Works

If you submit a contest entry and are eventually told “Sorry, your entry did not make the final round of judging,” you may send us $15 in US dollars and ask us to critique your non-finalist entry.

Make sure you also write to so we have an e-mail address to send the critique to!

Our preferred method of payment for this service is PayPal ( is our PayPal address). If you use PayPal, be sure to include in your notes what story you’re asking us to critique, and what e-mail address to send the critique to.

You can also send us a check. If you write us at, we’ll give you our postal address.

Our Philosophy of Critiquing

We believe critiques should help writers improve their fiction writing skills.

Our goals in critiquing a contest entry are to give you:

1) Reasons why your entry did not make the final round of judging.

2) Suggestions for improving the submitted story, your writing in general, or both.

One critique can’t turn a complete beginner into an award-winning professional author. However, over a dozen writers have now told us that they revised their stories based on our critiques and had their stories accepted by another market. We can’t guarantee that result, but we’ll do our best.