Mini-Contest #24

The 24th mini-contest was held in November 2014. This mini-contest asked contestants to tell, show, or evoke a complete story in 20 to 40 words, and exactly ONE of those words had to be “refrigerator.”

Here are our winners, then our honorable mentions, then two judges’ entries. Our first place winner had an honorable mention in a previous mini-contest, but the other authors are all new to OTP.

Here are our winners, then our honorable mentions.

Third Place ($10) by by J. S. Houston (new OTP author)

To Do:

-Deal w/ mail-order velociraptor
-Try to cancel eBay refrigerator purchases
-Kids to soccer
-Apologize to Jensens
-Bail hubby
-Remind him (again): No smart phones in bed!
-Find a shrink for my sleep texting issue

Second Place ($15) by Jason Arias (new OTP author)

They called him Refrigerator, because he was one cold son-of-a-bitch.

I called him dad. Dad never called.

When he did I said, “You can sleep on the sofa.”

“Thanks, Son.”

Now the sofa’s gone.

First Place ($25) by Jennifer Moore (last seen as an hon. mention in Mini-Contest #22)

One missing letter changes everything:

If it’s ‘U’, I’ll add it to the shopping list.

If it’s ‘E’, then it’s over. She’s gone.

The refrigerator hums behind its magnetic message, giving nothing away.


Honorable Mentions (no money, just fame)
Four other entries scored highly enough to earn honorable mentions.

“Why don’t we take Frosty’s head out of the refrigerator and into the sun and watch it melt together, and your nightmares will end.”

The boy looked stricken.

“What, son?”

His lips trembled as he whispered, “He’ll be angry.”
(by Dennis Delaney, new OTP author)

Commitment fears evolving, she blurted, “I want a pink refrigerator,” then waited for denials.

Hearing, “Not my dream, but maybe affordable, can the auto body shop paint one?” she gave up on pink but not on him.
(by Pamela Bowne, new OTP author)

“Terminator. Enforcer. Destroyer.”

Chad gives the boys superhero names, christening Ben last.


Ben knows the name comes from his bulk, his wheezing, his ice cream eating. But he tells himself it’s because he’s ice cold all the way through.
(by Jillian Schmidt, new OTP author)

Trapped in refrigerator at mother-in-law’s house. Send help quick. Not a joke! Reception bad, can’t make call. Text back so I know you got this!!!!

Message sending failed


Message sending failed

(by Carol Wyvill, new OTP author)

Now It’s Our Turn

Two prize judges wanted to try this challenge, so they did.

When the haunted house is the only one you can afford you say “Okay, ghosts, do your worst.” Moans? Chains, cold spots, unearthly messages? No problem. But a refrigerator dispensing hot blood? I’m outta here.
(by Bethany Granger)

I can’t enter a home without them pulling from the wall and coming at me. One even crashed through someone’s front door and chased me across their lawn. Stupid gypsy curse! Now I know what “refrigerator magnet” really means.
(by Tarl Kudrick)

Congratulations to the winners and our sincere thanks to everyone who entered the mini-contest.