Mini-Contest #12

The 12th mini-contest was held in August 2010. This mini-contest asked contestants to tell a complete story in 10 to 30 words… using only two-word sentences.

That’s right! Two words. Too hard? Not really. Takes time. Takes thinking. But possible! And fun.

By the way, even though many entrants made each two-word sentence its own paragraph, there was no requirement to do so. In case you were wondering.

Here are our winners, then our honorable mentions, then a judge’s entry.

Third Place ($5) by KW Hillis

Insert money.
Push Spin.
Lights pulse.
No win.
Repeat steps.
Cash check.
Repeat steps.

Bells ring.
“I win!”

Repeat steps.

Checkbook drained.
Go home.

“Never again!”

Repeat all.

Second Place ($10) by Erin Russell

They came.
They landed.
Green men.
Little ones.
Every city.
New York.
Los Angeles.
People laughed.
“Nice costumes!”
They left.
Sad, defeated.
Green men.
People yelled.
“Happy Halloween!”

First Place ($15) by Sue Ann Connaughton

“Curfew’s midnight.”
“We know.”
“Behave yourselves.”
“We will.”
“Buckle up.”
“Will do.”
“No alcohol. No drugs.”
“No, sir.”
“No sex.”
“That’s enough.”
“Bye Mom. Bye Dad. Have fun!”
Sarcastic kid.

Honorable Mentions (no money, just fame)

Four other entries scored highly enough to earn honorable mentions.

“Meditated today.”
“Any answers?”
“God laughed.”
“At you?”
“My problems.”
“What’s funny?”
“My seriousness.”
“That’s bad?”
“It’s overbearing.”
“What now?”
“Dalai Lama. Groucho Marx. Three Stooges. Skinny dipping. And you.”
(by Dennis McDougle)

He gasped. She knew. But how? Ah, yes. His hands. Telltale signs. His face. Chocolate covered. Dead giveaway. “Sorry, Mommy.”
(by Jack Horne)

Child’s bicycle. Confident father.

Tools, readied.
Instructions, discarded.

Work begins.
Frustration erupts.
Connect this?
To that?
Missing bolts.
Extra parts.
Temper flares.
Work ends.

Solution reached.
Customer service!
(by JoAnn Bennett)

They land. At night. Dark things. Out there. Wings flap. She wakes. “Who’s there?” Glass shatters. “Help me!” Claws scratch. “Anyone, please!” Door creaks. Too late.
(by Tim Lewis)

Now It’s Our Turn

Although some of our judges made comments about entries using two-word sentences, only one of them attempted a real entry. And that’s because this contest was his idea.

Broke up. Some regrets. Sometimes wonder.
Phone buzzes. Check ID. It’s her.
Keeps buzzing. Warm buzz? Gentle nudge? No, no. Angry bees.
Keeps buzzing. Again, again. Then stillness.
Finally, stillness.
(by Tarl Kudrick)

Congratulations to the winners and our sincere thanks to everyone who entered the mini-contest.