Mini-Contest #26

Mini-Contest #26 officially launched on May 10, 2015. Its premise is


Tell, show, or evoke a complete story in 20 to 50 words. This time, your story must be exactly two sentences long. The first sentence must be set before some kind of significant event happened, and the second one must be set after it happened.

Mediocre example #1: "I'd spent six hours baking a cake, hanging streamers, and preparing for my eight-year-old's birthday party. Now I faced twelve hours' worth of cleaning to make our home look normal again."

Mediocre example #2: "I left the house to go for a walk because it was such a nice day outside. Whew, I need to change my sweaty shirt!"

Deadline: 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Sunday, May 31, 2015.

One entry per author, and there is no fee for entering.

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By the way, please don’t give your mini-contest entry a title. We never publish titles of mini-contest entries, just the entries themselves.

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